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PT Mas Inti Solusi

PT Mas Inti solusi. We are a dynamic trading company based in South Jakarta, Indonesia. With a strong focus on delivering high-quality products and services, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the trading industry. Our dedication to excellence, combined with our extensive experience and industry knowledge, sets us apart from the competition.

Our company operates in two business lines: industrial tools supply and the export of Indonesian local commodities. For Indonesian commodities, please visit us at

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Mata BOR

Mata Tuner

Mata Tuner Mata Porting Carbide As 3mm head 6 mm Mata Bor 3x6mm

Step Drill HSS

Step Drill HSS Co Mata Bor Pagoda Step Drill 4mm-32mm

Diamond mounted

Diamond mounted Point 3mm Set 30Pcs Mata Ukir Mini Die Grinder

Diamond Mounted point

Diamond Mounted point 6mm rotary diamond burr shank 3mm

Mata Bor micro

Mata Bor micro CNC PCB Drill bit CNC DRILL CARBIDE Mata bor Carbide

Mata Porting Polish

Mata Porting Polish 6mm x 8mm mata tuner 6mm Rotary Bur

Drill HSS Cobalt

Drill HSS Cobalt M35 Mata Bor kobalt 1mm - 10mm Mata Bor HSS Cobalt

Reamer HSS

Reamer HSS Straight Reamer mesin 3mm - 12 mm Reamer Mesin lurus

Alat Ukur Presisi

Jangka Sorong

Sigmat Jangka Sorong 150mm 6inchi carbon steel Vernier Caliper

Jangka Sorong

Durometer Dial Shore A Alat ukur kekerasan karet plastik kulit dll

Jangka Sorong

Durometer Digital Shore A Alat ukur kekerasan karet plastik kulit dll

Sigmat Digital

Sigmat Digital stainless sketmat digital caliper 150mm 12 inchi

Thickness gauge

Thickness gauge Digital Alat ukur ketebalan plastik kertas kawat

Hydrometer Alkohol

Hydrometer Alkohol set tabung ukur alcohol meter 0-50

Alat Ukur Cat Basah

Alat Ukur Cat Basah Wet Film Comb coating thickness gauge hexagonal

MG-8 Welding Gauge

Cam bridge alat ukur las Cam Welding Inspection Gauge MG-8

Probe Jarum Dial

Probe Jarum Dial indicator Gauge Probe Dial gage m2.5

Anak timbangan Set

bandul Kalibrasi Timbangan Digital - set 17-5pcs

Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer Long stick 30cm Thermometer AC mobil makanan dll

Fuller Gauge 17 blade

Fuller Gauge 17 blade alat ukur celah Feeler gauge 0.02-1mm

Probe For dial indicator

Probe For dial indicator needle jarum pengganti dial mitutoyo dll

Digital micrometer

Digital micrometer 0-25mm 0.001mm Syntac Micrometer 1 micron

Dial Digital Indicator

Dial Digital Indicator Gauge 12.7mm Digital Dial Gauge

Inclinometer Digital

Inclinometer Digital alat ukur kemiringan sudut Level box

dial thickness gauge

alat ukur Ketebalan kertas kulit dial thickness gauge 10mm - 20mm flat

Dial thickness Gauge

Dial thickness Gauge curved tip hollow ketebalan pipa dll

dial indicator gauge

Dial Gauge dial indicator gauge indikator ukur goyangan

Paint thickness gauge

Paint thickness gauge alat ukur ketebalan Cat logam mobil dll

Digital Thickness gauge

Digital Thickness gauge alat ukur ketebalan plastik plat kertas dll

pengukur Camber Castor

Alat Ukur keseimbangan Roda pengukur Camber Castor Roda Truk mobil

Digital Alcohol

Digital Alcohol Breath Tester Alat analisa kadar alkohol tubuh